Meet the Artist

As an Armenian, born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, my family and I moved to Montreal in 1986. I spent several years painting collectible decoys for Heritage Decoys. Although my education was in business, I have always had a great passion and keen interest in arts.

After moving to Toronto in 2001, I stopped working in the field of arts and once again found myself in the world of business. Although I stopped painting until recently, my passion to create has never faded. I rediscovered and honed my skills, painting with acrylic, pastel and have deeply enjoyed bringing my visions to life. My love of nature and its limitless beauty inspires me daily. I see beauty in people and nature and pour my vision on every piece of art I create.

Painting has now become my career – I am a member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists at Mill Pond Gallery, as well as for Art Square Gallery Café. I have exhibited my work at different art exhibitions including Mill Pond Gallery, Art Square Gallery, McKay Gallery, Outdoor Art Gallery at Miskwaa, at the Taves Consumers Show and at RAW. I was selected to be part of the 2018 Richmond Hill Studio Tour, as well as Bradford.

Sylva Sroujian Artist